Cans are functional packaging for food and industrial supplies. F-style screw top metal cans are practical packaging for paint thinners and solvents. Paint cans with interlocking lids help keep leftover paint from drying out in storage. Use open-top tin-plated steel cans for packaging food items, to help extend product shelf-life. 

Benefits of Stainless Steel Paint Cans

Stainless steel paint cans are able to withstand extremely high temperatures without damage. Using metal paint cans also makes it easier to stack products for shipping or warehouse storage. With the right can sealer, cans with plug lids seal air-tight and keep foreign material from altering product composition or color. Given enough time, metal cans can also decompose naturally if not recycled. Recycling metal cans is recommended to help keep metal packaging a sustainable resource.

Packaging Food in Tin-Plated Steel Cans

Tin-plated cans are popular for packaging foods like vegetables, fruits, and certain meat products like fish or chicken. Use open-top cans like lined or unlined tin-plated steel cans to help increase product shelf-life. Tin cans work for both liquid and solid food packaging. Semi-viscous products that package well in tin-plated cans include sweetened condensed and evaporated milk, as well as pasta sauces. Soups, stews, and chili are also easily stored in lined and unlined metal food-grade cans. 

Screw-Top Metal Cans for Easy Dispensing

Screw-top metal cans like F-style cans often used as containers for potentially harmful products. F-style cans are able to hold various fossil fuels, paint thinners, solvents, and other industrial or hazardous chemicals and other products. Screw-top metal cans can also accommodate spout caps and other easy dispense closure options. To help prevent illness or injury, use child-resistant caps and closures on screw-top F-style and industrial cans. Other preventive measures include tamper-resistant caps and proper labeling for potentially harmful products.

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