In order to meet various product needs, Berlin Packaging water bottles come in a range of sizes and shapes and can be matched with a number of different types of caps. Choose from glass and PET plastic bottles, or stainless steel models.

Plastic Water Bottles

PET plastic bottles are great as beverage bottles, and storage bottles where breakage is a concern. You can choose from shapes such as round or square, and different types of built-in handles. The caps can be purchased separately or included, depending on the shape, size, and intended function of the bottle. For example, when packing contaminant-free contents, consider tamper-evident caps. There are BPA-free and FDA-approved options as well.

Glass Water Bottles

Like many beverage bottles, glass bottles come in a few different designs such as multi-faceted, round, square, oblong, and more. This wide selection of designs makes them great for displaying and storing alcoholic beverages, oil, vinegar, and other types of liquid. The range of colors also goes beyond clear to green, amber, or blue, which may help to preserve certain liquids. There are also bottles with unique caps like bail wire models that have food safe stoppers, and the bottles are constructed with high-quality glass or heavy-duty steel.

Glass or PET?

Glass can be a beautiful and generally sophisticated material. In terms of food safety, glass doesn't leach chemicals or odors into food and beverages, so it's one of the safest materials. While glass can be heavy, it provides sturdy packaging that doesn't dent. If you are looking for greener packaging options, but want the convenience of plastic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a great option, as it's recyclable, highly durable, and lightweight. PET doesn't leach chemicals into food and beverages, making it a safe option too. Because of its clear glossy appearance, PET can still retain the sophisticated look of glass, but without some of the fragility.

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