Berlin Packaging stocks a wide range of pump dispensers for bottles including treatment pumps, high-output pump caps, and lotion pumps. Plastic dispensing pumps are convenient and often less messy than some other lid types, making them an attractive option. Food-grade pumps work well for condiments and other edible products, and there are FDA-approved options as well for companies that need to meet strict requirements.


For products that need to be dispensed in very small amounts, such as medicated lotions or certain types of cosmetics, low-dose treatment pump caps are the most suitable option, as they dispense contents in microliters. Choose high-output pump caps for products meant to be dispensed in larger quantities like shampoos and conditioners. Lotion pump caps are the best choice for personal care products in general, such as body washes, hand and body lotions, or shampoos. Foaming pumps are suitable for dispensing items like soaps. Airless pump caps are alternatives to regular pumps, as they don't require dip tubes and can give the products a streamlined look. When using these, they'll need to match the airless bottles.

Customization According to Product Types and Branding

Most pump dispensers for bottles are available separately and can be used with a wide range of bottle types. You can purchase pump caps in different colors, including black, gold, and white, so that branding and overall look can be considered. There are also different dip tube length options so you can pair pumps with bottles of various heights. More customization options include choosing smooth pump caps for a sophisticated look or ribbed ones for extra grip.

Facts About Polypropylene (PP)

Most pump caps are made from polypropylene or PP, which is a strong plastic that doesn't damage easily. It also doesn't leach chemicals, making it a suitable plastic choice for packaging food items. While it's advised not to use polypropylene with chlorinated products or aromatics, it can be used to package a wide range of chemicals. PP is recyclable, making it a green option.

Why Buy Pump Dispensers for Bottles from Berlin Packaging?

When you purchase pump caps, bottles, and any other container products from Berlin Packaging, a whole range of additional services are open to you. We have experts available to help you with product design, labeling, warehouse, financing, and more. Let us help you grow your business!

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